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The good life, delivered.

When Fine Taste Club opened for business in November of 2016, its objective was simple.  To source and make available to the U.S. market the best gourmet foods and iconic products from around the world.  The company's co-founders,  Antonio Salto and Juan Diego Casaretto, bring to the table decades of experience in the global food industry as well as a lifetime of travel for business and pleasure.  Their passion for food, travel and world cultures is evident in the subscription food boxes they so carefully curate and distribute.  

For Fine Taste Club, the most important thing is quality.  Each destination region is selected with care and the products offered represent what the locals know to be simply the best.  For their customers, Antonio and Juan Diego want each box to be a culinary adventure.  They want their customers to be thrilled when they receive and open the box and be able to use it to celebrate a special occasion, or simply treat themselves to a unique experience. 

The food box delivered by Fine Taste Club is not just a sample pack.  All the food included can be eaten as is, without any extra preparation. The packaging is designed so that all the products have a long shelf life.  Not everything has to be eaten right away, it can be saved for a special occasion or enjoyed at the customer's leisure.  Each food box contains enough products for a meal to be shared by six to eight people and makes a great gift!  For any products that a customer would like to purchase individually, Fine Taste Club has an extensive online store that includes many of the products included in the subscription food boxes.

Subscribe to Fine Taste Club and experience a cultural celebration to enjoy with family and friends.  You don't have to be a foodie, just someone interested in discovering the best our world has to offer.  Try Fine Taste Club and enjoy the good life, delivered.