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Holiday Shopping - Done!

We are thrilled to celebrate three years this month since the official launch of Fine Taste Club. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride so far. In these three years, we have discovered and brought to our customers the most amazing gourmet products available on earth. Recently, and just in time for holiday shopping, we decided to give our website a re-design to make it painless to get everything you need for everyone on your list. We divided the site into our most popular gourmet categories.


Polanco Caviar has become a worldwide sensation. With superior taste awards and global recognition, this caviar is catching fire with chefs in the world’s most esteemed culinary establishments. We want to make sure our online customers get a chance to try it at home and share it with loved ones. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to give caviar a try – that moment is now. But beware, trying Polanco Caviar will spoil you – and nothing but Polanco will ever be good enough again.


The crème de la crème of fungi, we have a wide selection of truffles from Italy, Spain, and France. Whether you dream of black truffles, white truffles, truffles in oil, or truffles in cream, we’ve got what you want. We also have assorted gift boxes with different combinations of truffles for corporate gifts or for that someone on your list that you really want to impress. We even have truffle vinegar – imagine that over a salad of organic mixed greens. These truffles are just a win-win for everyone.


Marcona turron is the go-to sweet for the entire country of Spain. We knew it would be a hit with our customers, and we were right. This traditional almond nougat has sweetness, creaminess, and crunch. What more could you want from a sweet? Sometimes when shopping for global gourmet, especially for friends and colleagues, you want to include a sure thing in your cart. Turron de Jijona is that sure thing. If there’s someone on earth who doesn’t love it, we haven’t met them yet!


Our extra virgin olive oils have taken off. In our increasingly health-conscious and nutrition-minded world, consumers want to know where their products come from and how they are made. They won’t settle for anything less. Whether you’re a 5-star chef or a home cook, you know that good ingredients means good food, plain and simple. Our olive oils are best in class. They are great – so you know that whatever you put them on or cook them with – you’re going to get great. Shop early and get them for everyone. It’s a gift they’ll never forget!

Iberico Ham

Iberico ham from Spain is one of those delicacies that you try to describe, but end up having trouble conveying its astounding depth of flavor. Its saltiness, its nuttiness, and its creaminess – yes, all those things are present in every bite – but truthfully, you’ve got to try this ham for yourself. It can’t be a vicarious experience. Iberico ham production is centuries old and anyone who attempts it must adhere to stringent standards. It’s a process that is sacred at every stage. The proof is in the marbling.

We hope our newly tweaked website will streamline your holiday gift giving.  With just a few clicks - you've got the world at your fingertips. You won’t need to go anywhere else - we’ve got your list covered. Check us out at !  Happy Shopping!

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