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New Year New You!

New Year New You!

If we go over our daily routine, we’ll find a lot of repeated actions. We tend to do the same things, watch the same things, go to the same places, and eat the same foods. But what if we tried something new to shake things up a bit? As we make our resolutions for 2018 – let’s commit to making at least one “fun” resolution. Not everything has to be a sacrifice! Traveling to a new destination, taking up a new hobby, or even experimenting with new cuisine might be just what the doctor ordered. With another year of opportunities, let’s analyze what the benefits might be of “thinking outside the routine.”

  • Discover something new about yourself. A lot of times we pigeon hole ourselves more rigidly than anyone else can for us. We’ve decided that we’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to fly, can’t stand spinning, or is a terrible cook. But what if we sidestepped our own pre-conceived and outdated notions of ourselves? What if decided that we really do like to cook and vow to host a dinner party for friends at least once per month? Wouldn’t that spark our creative juices and help us discover a side of ourselves that we didn’t even know was there or was so well hidden as to be invisible.
  • Fear be goneWhen you get to a certain age you feel in some ways stuck, but in others rejuvenated. Don’t dismiss that little spark inside of you that says, “who cares if no one else wants to take a cooking class in Paris, I do!” There is nothing stopping you from ticking off a bucket list item or trying something new except false evidence appearing real (otherwise known as fear). But you have the tools to fight your fears and that is by committing yourself to trying something new. Enjoy that cooking class across the pond! Bon voyage!!
  • Me bored? Not a chance. It’s sometimes hard to admit to ourselves that we’re a little bit bored by the same old routine. We feel like we should be grateful for every single molecule of air we breathe because so many are struggling for oxygen. Just because we want to try new things and our regular activities feel stale, doesn’t mean we’re not thrilled to have our lives, our health, our families, or our friends. We need to give ourselves permission to want something, well, different. If that means a new hobby like skydiving, so be it. As a matter of fact, breaking free from the same old same old, might give us a deeper appreciation for the wonderful things we have.

So don’t wait one more minute. Take a trip around Google and see what there is to do and see and eat and drink all over the world. Try that new restaurant. Strike up a conversation with someone you see all the time but have never spoken to. Invite those friends over for a home cooked meal. Unleash your creativity and discover another piece of your soul. It’s a new year and that means 365 opportunities to make the most out of your life. Be brave and go for it!