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Destination - Dali. Cheese pairing collection and deluxe Iberico ham.

Cheese pairing collection and deluxe Iberico ham /past-subscription-boxes/january-dali-cheese-pairing-and-iberico-ham/
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Box highlights. The great Catalan painter, famous for his unlimited creativity and eccentric lifestyle, would be delighted with this collection of 3 iconic Spanish cheeses paired with specially selected gourmet sauces from Catalonia, the land of Dali.  Included also is a luxury delicacy worthy of any King’s table.  Our 100% acorn fed Iberico ham is brought to you by world renowned 5Js Cinco Jotas.  And that's not all.  Our Dali box holds a few other delicious surprises to please any palate. 

8 products enough to serve 6+ diners. Ideal for appetizers and a tapas style meal.

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Fine Taste Icon of the month

Dreams do come true this month.  Salvador Dali's surrealism takes us places where reality merges with fantasy.  An artist whose innovation and creativity have inspired hundreds of modern artists, Dali's work may seem whimsical and simple at first glance, but its complexity is revealed with careful viewing. 

“Beauty should be edible, or not at all.” ~Salvador Dali.

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Region’s highlights

The Spanish Mediterranean coast, from the fierce Cantabrian sea in the north to the luxurious southern Costa del Sol, is admired worldwide. Generously dotted with picturesque towns, local festivals, and cosmopolitan cities like San Sebastian, Sevilla and Barcelona, this region has much to offer the culinary traveler. In the last 20 years, Catalan and Basque eateries such as el Bulli, El Celler de Can Roca, and Arzak have appeared at the top of the illustrious list of the best restaurants in the world.

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Dali box contains 8 products enough to serve 6+ persons