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Finest Siberian Reserve Caviar 1 oz (28.3 g) Serves 1 person

  • Sturgeon Siberian Reserve Caviar
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  • Sturgeon Siberian Reserve Caviar

Finest Siberian Reserve Caviar 1 oz (28.3 g) Serves 1 person

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Product Description
  • Finest Siberian Reserve Caviar 1oz (28.3g)
  • Serves 1 person
  • Harvested directly in river (Rio Negro, Uruguay) 
  • 1 - 2 days cooled shipment
  • Uruguay; Top 10 caviar world producers
  • New product in the US market! First time ever!

Siberian Reserve, is a high quality caviar with colors ranging from gray to brown shades. In the mouth, a fine and fresh flavor with nutty touches and a mild memory of dried fruits. It's pearl is medium in size, with creamy, consistent and gentle texture. A classic caviar!

This caviar is native to the fluvial basins of Siberia (from the Ob river to the Kolyma river) and also found in the Baikal Lake basin. During the last 10 years this sturgeon species (acipenser baerii sturgeon) has been successfully farmed in ideal ecosystem of Uruguay's Rio Negro basin. Uruguay is worldwide recognized as a top high quality sturgeon caviar producer and exporter. 

Polanco Caviar emerged from the search for an exceptional caviar. This reserve Caviar is as pleasing to the eyes as to the palate, offering varied shades and subtle and slightly sweet flavor.

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