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Monthly Gourmet Box - Da Vinci. Italian Gourmet Masterpieces.

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Italian Masterpieces

Box highlights. Discover edible Italian masterpieces worthy of praise, adoration and discerning patronage. Our da Vinci box features a scrumptious tomato sauce with eggplant, organic pasta with black squid ink, creamy ricotta chocolate spread that will melt in your mouth, crunchy biscotti and more!

Six unique products - enough to delight 6+ diners. Our da Vinci box is perfect for the discovery of unique gourmet Italian delicacies carefully chosen just for you!

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Fine Taste Icon of the month

Leonardo da Vinci – a true Renaissance man. Artist, scientist, inventor, engineer, there was very little that da Vinci did not dabble in and eventually master. A mind like his is rare in history and his influence is felt even today, more than 500 years after his death. From his admiring precision when drawing human anatomy to the machines he dreamt up centuries before they came into existence, Leonardo da Vinci is a true Italian icon.


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Region’s highlights

From Italy’s heel to the top of its mythical boot, this legendary country and its universally loved cuisine is our March featured region. Our prosciutto comes from San Daniele del Friuli, where the mild climate and gentle sea breeze make the aging process just perfect for prosciutto. The world famous white truffles of Alba, Piedmont are blended with balsamic vinegar to create a unique sauce and squid ink tagliatelle is the proud product of Puglia, in Italy’s heel. Crunchy chocolate biscotti from Florence, a creamy eggplant tomato sauce from Abruzzo, just east of Rome. We can’t forget Sicily. A smooth and creamy chocolate ricotta spread completes this celebration of exquisite examples of Italian gourmet food.

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