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Monthly Gourmet Box - Valentine. South American chocolates and sweets.

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South American chocolates and sweets

Box highlights. Our super sweet February Valentine collection gathers together the best examples of South American chocolates and sweets in one seriously delicious box, perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day. Included is a one-of-a-kind coffee chocolate bar collection from Minka, master chocolatiers from Ecuador. Original chocolates from Peru, high in cacao content and off the charts in flavor. And what sweet box would be complete without creamy Dulce de Leche? Our first choice, Cachafaz from Argentina. And there’s more. Discover our Valentine box and fall hopelessly in love.

6 unique products enough to serve 6+ diners. Ideal for a very special dessert tasting.

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Fine Taste Icon of the month

February is the month for love and has been since the Middle Ages. St. Valentine’s Day, February 14, has been celebrated since at least the 14th century, (probably much longer) and coincided with the feast day of either Valentine of Rome or Valentine of Terni, both 3rd century Italian martyrs. It is difficult to uncover exactly why these particular saints (or exactly which one!) were paired with this magical day of romance, but the tradition has stuck and no Valentine’s Day would be complete without chocolates and sweets.

“All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~Charles Schulz.

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Region’s highlights

Chocolate lovers know that some of the finest chocolate in the world comes from South America. In Ecuador, the cocoa bean has been harvested for 5,000 years, an ancient tradition of excellence. Another country that produces exquisite chocolate made from the cocoa bean of its jungles is Peru, distinguishing itself with prestigious international awards. We searched all over South America, to bring Fine Taste Club customers the best examples of all that is sweet and decadent. Along with a superb cross section of chocolates, Argentina is represented with creamy Dulce de Leche and Spain makes an appearance with tangy crumble cakes.

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